DoPoMa are the first-ever Patterson Eaglesoft Certified Hardware Provider in Indiana certified in and working with Dental Software since 1997.

DoPoMa has experience with data conversion of all major software vendors in the Dental industry and have implemented some of the largest-scale Dental Systems in the State of Indiana.

DoPoMa clients have OVER 200 years combined experience in Dental Practice.

DoPoMa have flawless installation of dozens of Dental Imaging & Radiography along with Practice Management Systems along with ongoing Outsource I.T. system support for some of the State of Indiana’s leading Dentists.


DoPoMa has 22 years experience in Motorsports during which time our clients have won the Indy 500® 18 times with 8 different teams.

DoPoMa have provided services to Five major chassis manufacturers during this time while ensuring individual customer confidentiality at all times.


Confidence & Discretion are the DoPoMa difference, and extended to ALL clients.


DoPoMa provides full Digital end-to-end 1080p High Definition IP-based Surveillance systems by the World’s Leading provider, Digital Watchdog.

DoPoMa systems come with Full-HD Internet-based Web Access from anywhere in the World at No-Extra Charge.

DoPoMa Digital Surveillance systems are accessible on the Android and iPhone from the simple to use App.


Domain Portfolio Manager™

Domain Portfolio Management, Used Domain & Salvage Domain Disposal

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Trademark Domains

For ™ Trademark Considerations are happy to transfer any Initial Term domains in dispute at the “New” rate.

For ® Trademark Considerations are happy to transfer any Renewal Term domains in dispute at the “Used” rate.

For Salvage Considerations please contact us regarding the specific domain.


Registration Reimbursement & Transfer Fees:

New Domains:  $1200 and up

New Domains are domains in active use for research purposes.

Used Domains:  $600 and up

Used Domains are past their Initial Terms but still in use for research purposes.

Salvage Domains:  $99 and up

Salvage Domains are that are no longer active.

NOTE: It is not the practice of, nor Domain Portfolio Manager to “Buy and Hold” Internet Domains.  These prices are meant to compensate for costs associated with the research performed over the course of the URL Registration Term.

Thank you.