DoPoMa is an “Acronym” for Domain Portfolio Manager.




DoPoMa is a “Technology Creative” – providing Brand, Concept, Creative, Design, Development, Maintenance, Management, Support & just about ANY Services related to and required for the “Internet Of Things” or IoT…

DoPoMa work with BIG & SMALL companies that are Local, Regional, National & International.

DoPoMa has nearly Three Decades of Internet Experience and a breadth of diverse Technology Experience with Data & Technology.

DoPoMa re-sold our first Domains in the Late 90s. We still have one of our original Domains from 1998 learning many Proprietary Secrets over 20 years ownership in our portfolio from 1998.

If you are serious about what you do, it might PAY to CONTRIBUTE a small amount – (we do not charge enough for our years of knowledge and experience) – towards the SUCCESS of your Branding, Design, and/or Informational efforts.