“Florida-style” Auction


How the “Florida-style” Auction works:

If we do not get an adequate offer, anyone who have made an offer will be given the opportunity to bid in an “Auction” for the domain.

The beginning price will be set between the high and next highest offer.  Reserve will be set 10-25% below desired price.  Highest bid wins.

IF a bidder is found to not be Authentic, the next lower bid, and bidder will be offered THEIR bid price on the domain.  This is to protect against any gaming of the system.  If more than one bidder is less than Authentic the “Auction” will be nullified and repeated.

Send your information in order to “bid” in an auction.  Basically the Auction is an honor-system run by us.  Obviously IF a sale is not consummated or we do not have another buyer the domain will cycle back into circulation.  “Auction” domains are always subject to “Buy It Now” offers at any time before, during, or after an “Auction”.  THIS MEANS a Winning Bidder can be OUT OFFERED-POST Auction.  IF we have a buyer who will pay more, they get the domain.

Make a decent offer and get your domain without going to “Auction”, HERE.

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