WordPress Multi-Site?

We have successfully conquered the WordPress Multi-Site complexity and have a grasp of the Presentation & Intention to install a fully operating up-to-date version (WordPress 4.94) installation.

I have read nearly everything I could trying to get this to work, and ONLY after exhausting ALL options did I figure it out.  MOST will abandon this before they are successful.  It is my forte’ to exhaust all avenues for my clients so this was not a big deal for me to patiently accomplish this.

I can attest, it took probably three – five tries at every instance to eliminate and learn what is taking place.  Lessor would have likely abandoned this effort at each instance of failure, but I was able to garner new data so even after throwing in the towel at each increment, I came back persistently because it was “professed” to be NATIVE in WordPress.

I prefer to work NATIVE in any application before every making edits or modifications to developer’s code, and/or utilizing Plug-ins, Add-ons etc.  This is ALWAYS the philosophy at, based upon years of experience watching things crash down before us, only to have Support from the disparate program developers to point fingers at each other leaving us to either have “egg on our face” OR…”make an omelet”!

Recently, I tried again to implement WordPress Multi-Site.  This time on AWS (Amazon Web Services) with the thought that AWS would have more resources and be more stable, thus eliminating any resource issues.  Again, I was stymied and reversed the Instance after unsuccessfully trying on both, Lightsail – Single Install, AND again on a larger “Instance” via EC2 in AWS Services.  Again, unsuccessful.

Instead of dropping effort, I doubled down and figured if I can make this work on Godaddy Shared Hosting resources then I can make it work in another environment.

SUCCESS!  I have successfully implemented WordPress Multi-Site on Godaddy Shared Hosting.  It is quite a bear and few will spend the time to get this correct.  REWARD: Single Installation of Themes & Plugins to the Site-Wide Network of Sites.  THIS is worth it alone.  Install a Theme or Plug-in at the Network Level and Activate for Network or Per-Site to manage individual sites.  In addition to the Primary Site / Root Site installation, I currently have FOUR (4) Additional Sites installed and operational for over a week now a week now.  I have updated Themes & Plugins successfully, while also, crashing an instance, removing the culprit Plugin and in one case Re-installing the Plugin to with success.  Many WordPress users will be familiar with this experience, and it is just part of using Software Code from multiple vendors AND/OR third-party plug-in code for another developers Core Code.  No matter what the standards, code is always up to interpretation to accomplish a task.  Sometimes, less code can be found to perform the same as more code.  Other times the code in place is the Quanta and cannot be accomplished without shortcomings.

To recoop my costs of implementation and research on this subject I’m not posting it, but have an Installation Document I will provide for $99 to anyone trying to implement WordPress Multi-Site.  I was going to charge more, however, I am a small businessman and do not have a large budget either.  I’m not giving it away for free because this current generation seems to believe a prevailing wage materializes form thin-air, when in fact there must be some offset financially from the TOP to “feed” the BOTTOM.  It is no longer financially viable (pun intended) for an entity $20 Billion in Debt to extend a prevailing wage to anyone, short of giving a “haircut” to those at the TOP.  Consequently, our currently elected President has extended a tax-break to the TOP, which in theory is supposed to provide more funds into the marketplace, however, this has proven ONLY to provide DIRECTED funds.  Enough of my platform.

Good luck. Contact for details.